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Typing in the Search field isn't always responsive (Creative Inventory)


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      The bug

      This is a similar problem as the namesake, MCPE-18376. When typing or removing text inside the Creative mode search tab, the text can be slow to change or update, especially when there's a lot of it, and more so if text is modified towards the start of the search query.

      What I expected:

      For my changes to the text inside the search query to not cause such a delay.

      What happens:

      There is a noticeable delay with adding/removing characters.

      Reproduction steps:

      • Open the Creative inventory, and navigate to the All tab to use the search function.
      • Type some text in the search box, it can be anything really. The longer your query is the easier this is to reproduce.
      • Go back towards the start of your search query and try to remove or add some characters. Note the delay.

      I don't have video evidence, as my device doesn't handle nor support recording video well.

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