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Player Dies When Waking Up If There Are Carpets Next to Bed



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    • Affects Version/s: 1.14.20 Hotfix
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      Windows 10 - PC


      I have a bed in a room of height 2, with walls on one side and at the head of the bed, and carpets on all the rest of the tiles surrounding the bed. 

      If I go to sleep in this bed, when I wake up I seem to be inside a wall - I cannot move, I'm taking damage, I see only some brownish texture in front of my eyes and there is that string of disappearing bubbles above my hunger gauge suggesting I'm about to suffocate. 

      If I save & quit before expiring, the preview image (thumbnail?) for the game looks like the ceiling of the room is gone - the walls and the sky are visible. Maybe, because of the carpet's height, I wake up with my head inside the ceiling?
      If, before going to sleep, I remove the carpet from any of the 2 unoccupied tiles at the side of the bed, I wake up normally, i.e. refreshed & healthy & generally not dying. Also, if only one of the tiles is carpet-free, I am always placed on that tile.

      Removing any of the other carpets (e.g. from the foot or corners of the bed) makes no difference.
      I am attaching 2 zip files - one with screenshots of the deadly setup, and one with screenshots of the same place, modified so that it doesn't have this flaw.
      What I expected to happen was:
      After going to sleep, I should have awoken standing next to the bed and able to go on with the game.
      What actually happened was:
      Instead, I woke up stuck, not able to see much, and taking damage until I died.
      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Have a room of height 2 with a bed and with carpets in all the accessible tiles next to the bed (see the screenshots in the attachment "Deadly.zip").
      2. Go to sleep in said bed.
      3. Wake up & die.



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