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Skeletons do not consistently avoid wolves



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      Updated description by GoldenHelmet

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Spawn a skeleton.
      2. Spawn a wolf.

      Expected result

      The skeleton always flees from the wolf.

      Actual result

      The skeleton sometimes flees from the wolf and sometimes ignores it. If the wolf attacks the skeleton, it stops fleeing and fights back. If the skeleton is targeting a player it does not flee.

      Original summary
      skeletons not afraid from wolfs, Bedrock, windows 10 1.14.20
      Original description
      raining night, i was homeless, it was raining, i spotted some zombies, lets fight them, killed the first one, then got shot by an skeleton archer, my dog started to chase the skeleton, i thought "he'll be fine, skeletons are afraid of dogs" but then i herad my dog getting shot
      I then stoped the fight against two zombies to help my dog, and then we managed to kill the zombies together, when i was going to feed my buddy, a drowned hit me with a trident, i turned and get my shield up, was weak, my dog tried to help, but sadly the drowned killed it...
      I managed to stay alive, but my dog was not lucky
      If the skeleton had ran away, everything could be different...



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