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      Windows 10 - PC


      Little back story, I've been playing bedrock (win 10) with my mate (ps4) over the past couple of months, over that time we have played on a couple of different worlds. It doesn't matter what settings I change or if I  update my graphics drivers I will always at some point crash. Without warning and without any reasoning just a crash will happen. 

      I've started to play on my own because it's a nice change from what I'm used to, Java. I encountered my first crash on single player about a week ago from this post, I was exploring out across an ocean, I placed my boat, started sailing and then I just crashed. I reopen the game and I'm just smack bang in the ocean with no boat. This wasn't such a problem as I could just chop a tree and get another boat - it was just inconvenient

      However this problem has become worse, I found a saddle from a desert temple and went to tame the 2 horses near my house. Tamed first one, tamed second but I took the first back to my house. Just as I'm about to cross a small river, bam I crash. Reopen Minecraft and my horse and saddle are gone - this is what got me to report this.

      Note: My friend has never experienced a crash while playing Minecraft and when I was playing with him (He had been the host everytime) I was not riding any boat, horse, pig, donkey or mule.




            Rexisea Hayden Chamberlain
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