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Zombie villagers do not count toward monster population caps



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      Expected Results: Zombie villagers would count toward either the surface or cave monster population control cap depending on where they spawn.

      Observed Results: Zombie villagers do not count toward either population control cap, no matter where or how they spawn.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Create a spawn testing world with 2 1-chunk platforms in the middle of spawn-proof 9x9 chunk area. Set up one of these platforms as surface and the other as cave.
      2. Set time to midnight and turn off the daylight cycle.
      3. On either platform, collect zombie villagers in either of 3 ways:
        1. Wait for them to spawn naturally, killing other monsters to keep the density caps open.
        2. Spawn villagers with spawn eggs and allow them to be killed by zombies or drowned on normal or hard difficulty.
        3. Spawn zombie villagers directly with spawn eggs.
      4. Kill all other mobs on both platforms, except the zombie villagers.
      5. Move at least 24 blocks away and wait for natural monster spawns.
      6. Eventually, 8 new non-zombie-villager monsters will spawn on each platform (surface and cave).




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