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      The translation of ALL languages in Bedrock Edition is of low quality.

      Let me take Simplified Chinese for example, while other languages have the same situation. (p.s: The following zh-cn problems have nothing to do with Minecraft China Version)

      To name a few wrong translations in Simplified Chinese :

      Origin Current Simplified Chinese Suggested Simplified Chinese Reason Internal Ref. Status
      Carved Pumpkin 雕刻南瓜 雕刻过的南瓜 the current one means carve a pumpkin    
      Wheat 农作物 小麦 at tile.wheat.name, the current one means crop    
      Dirt Path 泥土小径 土径 the current one means dirt path    
      Snow Layer 顶层雪 雪层 the current one means top snow    
      Book And Quill 书和羽毛笔 书与笔 the current one means book and feather instead of book and pen    
      Character Creator 角色创建器/角色创造者/角色生成器 角色编辑器 the current ones are inconsistent    
      Milk Bucket 牛奶桶 奶桶 generalise cow milk bucket to milk bucket    
      Lightning Rod 雷霆之杖 避雷针 the current one means the artifact from Minecraft Dungeons called Lightning Rod instead of lightning conductor    
      Frogspawn 青蛙生成 青蛙卵 the current one means frog spawning    
      Mangrove 红树林 红树木 the current one means mangrove jungle instead of mangrove plant    
      Warden 循声守卫 监守者 the current one indicates that warden attacks by hearing sounds instead of feeling vibration    
      Sculk Sensor 潜声传感器 幽匿感测体 the current one indicates that sculk sensor produces sounds instead vibration    
      commands.replaceitem.failed 无法将 %s 号物品栏的物品 %d 替换为 %d * %s 无法将 %s 的 %d 槽位替换为 %d * %s the current one means Unable to change number (slot type) inventory's item (slot number) change to (n) * (item)    
      commands.replaceitem.success 将 %s 号物品栏的物品 %d 替换为了 %d * %s 已将 %s 的 %d 号槽位替换为 %d * %s the current one means Made number (slot type) inventory's item (slot number) change to (n) * (item)    
      commands.replaceitem.success.entity 已将 %s 的 %s 槽位中的 %d 替换为 %d * %s 已将 %3$s 的 %1$s 的 %2$d 槽位的物品替换为 %4$d * %5$s the current one means Made (slot type)'s (nth) slot's (playername) change to (n) * (item)    
      Operators (hbui.RealmsStories.members.operators) 运算符 管理员 the current one means math operators instead of administrator    
      commands.ride.summonRide.skipped 对于已拥有游乐设施的以下实体,不会召唤游乐设施:%1$s 坐骑未生成,由于以下实体已拥有坐骑:%1$s the current one translated "rides" as "recreational facilities"    

      And, I recently noticed that a Bedrock Marketplace translation survey was carried out in Win10 Xbox Insider. Yes, someone did take notice of this problem, however a recently released Marketplace content "Original Bed Wars" was translated to something with pornographic meaning. (We all know that "Bed War" (起床战争) is a proper noun, but your translators don't, and translated as "床上大战").
      Update: After 2 years this was partially resolved, but there are still half of "bed war" contents like "BED WARS CLASSIC" that use the wrong translation.

      The aforementioned wrong translations are only a small proportion of the whole mess. Just fixing those translation does not solve the whole problem.
      A more detaied list of unsynced translation can be found on Chinese Minecraft Wiki.
      I've made a corrected version of Chinese Simplified translation at MCLangCN , if you want a full list of the poor translation of Chinese, just head there and compare the current one with what I have corrected.
      There's also another project called Translations for Minecraft (Bedrock) , which is created by Russian proofreader of Minecraft Java Edition Crowdin project, and consists of more languages. It has 1.95M downloads on curseforge and 500K on Google Play, so it's self-evident that masses of players are unsatisfied with the translation of Bedrock Edition.

      And this is a widely affected problem among ALL languages provided in Bedrock. To list a few bug reports (also consider their duplicates):
      Brazilian Portuguese: MCPE-50174
      Simplified Chinese: MCPE-51997
      Dutch: MCPE-35098
      German: MCPE-12142
      Greek: MCPE-38541
      Japanese: MCPE-15805
      Korean: MCPE-30684
      Polish: MCPE-22243
      Russian: MCPE-40591
      Turkish: MCPE-21719

      Most of the translation bug reports have been unattended and were marked as resolved since they hadn't been updated for 1 year+.
      As a game played by millions of users, Mojang and Microsoft should care more about user experience of localization.
      The translation problem started from Pocket Edition 0.x version and is being continuously reported, but it's Bedrock 1.14 today and the problem is still not solved.
      It's weird that you have assigned the work to those whose translation work is even worse than an online machine translator's.
      And don't forget that Bedrock translation is used in Minecraft Education Edition and Minecraft Earth. (And their exclusive contents are exactly translated by the same group of people as Bedrock Edition, inferred from the language files.)

      Possible solutions:
      1. For a temporary solution, adopt the aforementioned translation from community-based project.
      2. Make translation of Bedrock a subproject of Minecraft Crowdin Projcet so that experienced proofreaders of Java Edition can have access to them. (Recommended)
      3. Make Translations for Minecraft (Bedrock) an official project and use translation in it (which is also contributed by the community).
      4. Assign the work of translating Bedrock Edition to another group of translators. (As far as I know, translator of other Microsoft projects are far better.)

      Translation is a big barrier for the synchronization of Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. I hope this issue can make you attach importance to this long-lasting problem.

      (P.S. I personally think this maybe the most difficult problem the solve during the contents sync between Java and Bedrock.)

      Fixed translation:

      Origin Current Simplified Chinese Suggested Simplified Chinese Reason Internal Ref. Status
      Fence in item names 围墙 栅栏 the current one means wall instead of fence    
      Fence Gate in item names 围墙大门 栅栏门 ditto    
      Minecart with Command Block 带有命令块的《我的世界》 命令方块矿车 Minecart was once mistranslated as Minecraft    
      Big Oak Leaves 深色像树叶 深色橡树叶 typo    
      Block in Dead Coral Block and Dried Kelp Block 区块 方块 the current one means chunk    
      Elder Guardian 老守卫者 远古守卫者 the current one means Old Guardian, neglecting its original meaning    
      Conduit 导管 潮涌核心 the current one means tube    
      Quick Charge enchantment 快速冲锋 快速装填 the current one means run quickly    
      Mending 正在治愈 经验修补 the current one means curing instead of mending with experience    
      Command Block 命令块 命令方块 not consistent with Java transltion which has widespread use    
      Chain, type of Command Block 连锁型 the current one means iron chain instead of series of things    
      Tipped Arrow 锐箭 药箭 the current one means sharp arrow instead of potion arrow    
      Weighted Pressure Plate 重力压力板 测重压力板 the current one means gravity pressure plate    
      Border Block 边框 边界方块 the current one means frame    
      Jigsaw Block 线锯方块 拼图方块 the current one means string and saw (tool) instead of puzzle block    
      Structure Void 建筑空隙 结构空位 the current one means building gap    
      Light Block 光明方块 光源方块 the current one means bright block instead of light source block    
      Observer 观察者 侦测器 the current one means witness (person) instead of Dectector    
      End Rod 末地棒 末地烛 the current one means end stick instead of end candle    
      Record, type of item group 记录 唱片 the current one means take down (verb record) instead of disc    
      Suspicious Stew 可疑的炖肉 迷之炖菜 the current one means suspecious fracissee    


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