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Campfire smoke does not calm Bees if partially obstructed



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      I'm going to include some screencaps and links to mp4 video recordings of the incident in question. As I had set up a farm, breed bees, and had tried to make a simple system to collect the honey from the bees that didn't require me to constantly have smoke underneath them. Bees can be harmed by the campfire so the idea was to make it so that players can safely walk over them and the bees won't be as likely to harm themselves passing by. Normally, when bees get honey taken they will get mad at the player unless there is a campfire underneath the beehive or nest. It's the smoke that is supposed to be calming them however when you have an open trapdoor underneath the beehive the smoke travels through but the bees still get angry. Other players in other platforms have experienced this problem as well. MC-164336 and MC-164486 

      I'm going to include two mp4 files here. The first of which I have labeled as "Collecting honey 001" and the second of which I labeled "Collecting honey 002". In 001 you can see that the door is raised, the campfire is easily within six blocks of the hive/nest and that as soon as I collect the honey an angry bee comes out to attack even though the smoke is clearly reaching the nest. In the 002 video, I do the same thing except I completely remove the trap door and like before I collect the honey except for this time the bees do not attack. Nothing has changed except for the presence of the trap door.

      Since I cannot upload the video I will provide links to them on my youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qMtn65fiPI and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8MFj1kLaSM


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