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Witches stop respawning at witch huts



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      Updated steps to reproduce

      (Distilled from this comment and comments following it.)

      1. Find a Witch Hut
      2. Set up a system to automatically kill witches that respawn at the hut.
      3. AFK far enough away for witches to respawn.

      Expected result

      Witches continue to respawn indefinitely.

      Actual result

      Witches eventually stop respawning.

      Expected Results: Witch Huts would consistently respawn witches. Witches should respawn in huts consistently enough to make the area challenging and/or to make witch farms feasible.

      Observed Results: Witch Huts have the ability to respawn witches, but they do not do so consistently. Very often, after killing the witch that spawns with the structure, no more witches spawn. Further, creating a witch farm from the hut can take an enormous amount of time and effort, such that players get frustrated and abandon the attempt, or do not even try to begin with.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Find a Witch Hut
      2. Kill the witch that spawns with structure generation.
      3. Stay near the hut for a while. You will likely see very few witch respawns from the hut. Often, some will respawn at first, but then they will stop respawning.


      1. This is a bug report, not a feature request. It is a bug that witches do not respawn consistently in Witch Huts because the developers’ intent is that they should. I believe respawning witches is the developers intent because there is an old history of bug reports stating that witches were not respawning (MCPE-23920, MCPE-24629, MCPE-27818, MCPE-27820, MCPE-29564, MCPE-29779) which led to a change in mechanics implemented in 1.2.13. The changelog for 1.2.13 states “Fixed witches not spawning inside Witch Huts.”
      2. The issue has never really been fixed. Unfortunately, the bug reports listed above were closed and have not been re-opened despite subsequent comments, and further bug reports complaining of essentially the same thing (MCPE-40725, MCPE-43171) have been closed and referred to MCPE-21856, the general low spawn rate bug. The fact that players continue to report this shows that past fixes have not been adequate. (There is even a video by a Bedrock YouTuber with >6000 views arguing that witch farms are not worth the effort in Bedrock Edition because of the spawning mechanics.)
      3. This issue is specific to Witch Huts. While MCPE-21856 is relevant, Witch Huts as a structure have unique spawning mechanics and it is these mechanics that are inadequate. Moreover, Witch Hut spawning could be fixed without dealing with MCPE-21856.
      4. The changes to Pillager Outposts in 1.13 confirm that Witch Huts could be similarly fixed. MCPE-43396 and its duplicates report an analogous problem for Pillager Outposts. The developers chose to fix this in 1.13 with direct reference to the bug report. Now, Pillager outposts consistently respawn pillagers and patrols. A comparable change to Witch Hut mechanics could make them more consistent.
      5. The problem with Witch Hut spawning mechanics is its interaction with the cave mob density cap. Currently, witch spawns in Witch Huts always count as cave spawns, regardless of whether any blocks are above them. This means that as cave spawns occur in the density check area around the Witch Hut, the witch respawns will slow down and then stop. The cave mob density cap is normally reached fairly quickly, and that is why Witch Huts often respawn 1 or 2 witches and then stop. It is also why Witch Hut farms are so difficult to make work. You must spawn proof every cave in an 81 chunk area–some of them tiny and fully enclosed–in order in order to get witches to respawn consistently.
      6. The extra density cap room for Witch Huts is inadequate to ensure that witches respawn consistently. Witch huts currently get a +1 hostile cave mob density cap. This means that when the normal cave mob density cap of 8 is met for the chunk in which Witch Hut exists, 1 witch can still spawn. It would seem that this is designed to allow witches to continually respawn in the hut when they are killed. However, the +1 density cap mechanic is easily defeated by pack spawns exceeding the mob density cap or by cave spawns from outside of the density check area wandering or being flushed into the density check area. Thus, as soon as there are 9 hostile cave-spawned mobs within the 81 chunks surrounding the witch hut, witches will cease respawning altogether. That this is a fairly common occurrence is evident from the long list of bug reports, bug report comments, and YouTube Witch Farm tutorial comments to the effect that witches do not consistently respawn.

       A fix to this bug should result in Witch Huts respawning witches comparably to the way Pillager Outposts respawn pillagers since 1.13. In the case of Pillager Outposts, what really ensures consistent respawning is that the respawns do not interact with either the surface or cave mob density caps. My testing shows that Pillager Outposts have their own cap of 7 Pillagers, and that this is unaffected by other cave and surface spawns in the same chunk. I do not think Witch Huts should to be able to spawn 7 at a time, since they are much smaller structures, but they ought to be able to respawn 1 or more consistently, regardless of what is going on underground. Even simply making them count as surface mobs rather than cave would make working Witch Farms vastly easier to build, and it would make a lot of sense since Witch Huts are above ground. Another fix could be to have witches have their own density cap like pillagers do, which should not be problematic since they are more rare than pillagers to begin with.


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