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Invisible hand 2 or more players split-screen


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    • 1.14.0
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      When in split-screen on Xbox One and looking at another player (rendering the player within the camera view), the other (2nd) players hand can disappear. The same behavior can also be observed playing with 3 players split-screen (or possibly 4). Note: This is about the hand in first person.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1 Start a new world with settings: Creative - World type: Flat - mob spawning: false (rest default)
      2 a Join the world with a second controller Xbox account
      2 b or join world with a second controller guest account
      3 Make sure player 2 has a empty hand (example second slot selected)
      4 Have player 1, look at player 2 (or 3)

      Observed behavior:
      The 2nd (or 3rd) players hand disappears when player 1 looks at player 2 (or 3).

      Expected behavior:
      The hand to remain visible for other accounts / players.

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