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I cannot receive invitations



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      I am unable to receive invitations.

      Steps To Reproduce: (Two devices and two Microsoft accounts required, referred to as 1 and 2)
      1. Open a world on 1 and set it to "Invite Only"
      2. Pause the world and invite 2

      Observed Results:
      The invitation does not arrive at 2's device, and so, 2 cannot join 1's world

      Expected Results:
      The invitation does arrive, and so, 2 can join.

      Affected Platforms (keep updated):

      • Android
      • Switch
      • Windows 10
      • Xbox One

      Original Description:
      Everytime someone sends me an invite to their world, not realms, I do not receive the invite. No notification. I tried messing with my XBL settings to no prevail. When I send invites, they receive. This has been happening since 1.13.1? I just want to be able to receive an invite again. I do not know if it is replicable as it happened out of the blue.

      Reported on Windows 10, Switch and mobile


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