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Pillagers spawn everywhere


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    • 1.13.3, 1.14.1 Hotfix, 1.14.30 Hotfix, 1.14.60 Hotfix
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      A portion of this bug has been occurring since pillager spawning was tweaked in the 1.13 bug fix update, while some has been ongoing for a long time. This can apply to either raids or patrols.


      Pillagers are simply spawning in area's where they are not supposed to. My personal recent experience is around some villager based crop farms I have, that are in roughly 20x20 cells. I have had instances of patrols spawning inside the cells, made of wood floors and growing crops, fully enclosed, with near maxed out light levels, and ranging from ground level, to 30+ blocks above ground level. Of course the result being that the pillagers spawn inside the farm, killing your villagers.


      I have also had raids spawn only inside the villager pods as well, so killing that patrol that spawns inside the vacinity of your base triggers a raid, which then spawns inside the villager based farms (or trading hall) killing your villagers.


      Pillagers also do not follow normal spawning rules, they can spawn on practically any block (with an exception I think to scaffolding) and spawn in the end as well as the overworld. I have found villagers spawning on top of chests inside my storage system.


      I have not seen this issue inside of a naturally spawned village personally, so there could be something with player created villagers that is different, maybe some others could weigh in on that.


      This is a very frustrating experience for all players that use villagers for anything, which often can take a lot of time to do. Below is a video, and a screen shot of the result of this occuring.



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