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Incorrect Directional Movement


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    • 1.13.0
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      In the pocket edition of the current version of Minecraft, certain conditions can make you move in the wrong direction. When looking directly down and facing perfectly in a cardinal direction, a diagonal, or possibly more directions (somewhere within 1 degree to the left or right of the direction) the directional controls will behave as if you are facing a completely different direction. These incorrect controls might only be slightly off or they can completely invert your inputs. It can affect your movement while walking, sprinting, swimming, gliding, or flying. It also occurs in both survival and creative mode. The game seems to think that you are facing a different direction as placed boats will align with whatever direction the forward button moves you. This glitch can suddenly occur and cause you to fall into undesirable places. It can be easily stopped by moving the camera up or to the side. The easiest way to replicate the glitch is to walk into a wall while facing the ground and slowly rotate the camera. Another way is to align the edges of blocks up with the top of your screen and look slightly back and forth until your controls change. It may take a while to replicate.

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