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Going near Nether Portal Blocks in End crashes Minecraft Client



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    • Affects Version/s: 1.13.0
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      Windows 10 - PC


      Alright, so, my friends and I in this discord server were creating a simple Deltarune Role-play Map that was run on an iPad with the latest updates and edition of Minecraft. We were already maybe 4/5 of the map, in which we textured most blocks and used add-ons.

      But here's the thing. in the latest edition of Minecraft, the Fox mob was added, along with some bug fixes, including the Duplicating Dragon glitch included in the report from MCPE-55028 being fixed completely. But some things were now broke in the latest edition, including... the Character Creator at MCPE-53398, Pillagers in the End at MCPE-51490, and People having other skins at MCPE-55658. But this one just occurred to me.

      When I or my friends, which are all on different devices, go near the direction of the portals or anywhere near the chunk of which they are loaded in, their or I's Minecraft client crashes.


      I don't have much proof that this could happen to other players when using Nether Portal blocks in the end... but all I know is that this must be fixed.


      It's so weird...




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