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Hoppers don't pick up items above non full blocks > 5/8 block tall



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      Updated description by GoldenHelmet
      The bug: hoppers do not search the entire block space above themselves for items to collect, as they do on Java. Instead, they search only + 0.75 Y above themselves.

      More technically, from the hopper's exact block coordinate, it searches for items between +0.75 Y and +1.75 Y. Presumably it starts at +0.75 Y instead of +1 Y so that it can collect items that sit inside the funnel. If that is intended then the Y range should be 1.25 blocks so that it reaches up to Y + 2, covering a full block height above itself.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Put an enchanting table or horizontal grindstone on top of a hopper.
      2. Drop an item on top.

      Expected result

      The hopper collects the item.

      Observed result

      The hopper does not collect the item.

      Note: The original report here focused on hoppers not collecting items from above soul sand, dirt path, and farmland blocks, as they do on Java. However, those blocks (along with honey blocks) have full-height collision in Bedrock (MCPE-12109, MCPE-87458) so they cannot be used to show the bug in the hopper collection range.

      Hoppers will not pick up items through soul sand, path, and farmland blocks.


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