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Hostile bees are capable of attacking the player after stinging the player and killing a bee


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      Ifa a bee has already stung a player, and the player kills another bee near the bee that already stung the player, the bee would become angry and still attacks even if they bee doesn't have a stinger anymore.

      How to reproduce
      1. Spawn bee
      2. Leash bee
      3. Go to survival and hit the bee once
      4. The bee has no stinger
      5. Spawn another bee and leash it
      6. Kill the other bee (one that has a stinger)
      7. Notice that the first bee that has no stinger becomes angry, getting close to it can deal damage. They can be seen angry when killed.

      Observed Results:
      Bees can attack again, even after stinging the player.

      Expected Results:
      Bees should only attack once and should wander around until, in this case, the bee dies.

      Notes: Attachment was taken during beta Bees without stingers can also poison players.

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