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Custom skin from first person logging into server becomes every players skin



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      We are using the latest version of BDS to run a private server.  Both my wife and I are using custom skins made using the Alex model.  We updated to 1.13 today and I noticed that although my wife has chosen her skin, she appears in game to both me and herself as using my skin.  To troubleshoot we both logged off and she logged into the server first.  Now I have her skin appearing for me and for her.  Both of us are running Windows 10's latest build.  So whoever logs into the server first sets the skin for everyone.

      Additional description by [MCPE Mod] Auldrick:

      From duplicate reports, we get the following information:

      • This has been reported for all multiplayer play, on Realms, BDS servers, and over LAN.
      • It's not necessarily that all players have the same skin, it's that players can have a skin that belongs to a different player.
      • Different people may see a third player wearing different skins at the same time, so the mixup must be happening in the client.
      • The evidence points to this being an issue only for imported skins, not Character Creator skins or skins obtained from a skin pack.
      • When a player tries to fix their skin by re-importing it, the model chooser will often have the foreign skin in one of its choices, even though the skin file for that skin doesn't exist on this player's computer. (See MCPE-54848 for a related bug.)


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