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Jump boost has no effect on magma cubes


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      Jump Boost
      syntax example: /effect @e[type=magma_cube] jump_boost 1000 2
      (effect level does not matter, it never works)

      Jump boost applies to magma cube (green particles indicate that), but it has no effect at all, jump hight is still the same. I condider this as bug, due to behaviour of slimes, because jump boost affects slimes just normally.

      Strength (given to player)
      syntax example: /effect @s strength 1000 4

      [note: numbers represents actual level of effect, that means: no. 0 = lvl 1. or no. 4 = lvl. 5]

      FOR EXAMPLE: If you give yourself strength fron level 1 up to level 49 and puch magma cream, everything is behaving as it should. But from level 50 to level 254 (max) is quite broken. For example, when given level 101 you can no longer kill small magma cubes, when given level 55 you can kill small magma cubes only with diamond/iron sword, but not with your bare hand. I suppose, there is some kind of data damage error that applies to magma cubes (because with strength lvl 101 I can on-hit kill iron golem, but NO small magma cube. (mainly small magma cubes are broken, but this bug affects medium and large-sized magma cubes as well, but under differnet cuircomstances)

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