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Monsters spawn on leaves and glass


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    • 1.14.1 Hotfix
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      Message from Auldrick:

      This issue was fixed in the 1.14.1 Hotfix release. However, it was discovered that the fix caused a different problem (see MCPE-59682), so it was backed out in the 1.14.2 Hotfix release. Mojang is working on a solution that will resolve both issues.

      This problem is well understood and its impact (as revealed by the vote count) is fully appreciated, so we don't really need any additional information in the form of additional screen shots and descriptions of it.

      It turns out that the fix to MCPE-59682 did not revert this fix after all. In other words, mobs are not spawning on leaves and glass in 1.14.20. There was some confusion about what it did revert (there have been quite a lot of mob spawning bugs reported in the last few months, and somebody got confused).

      I have therefore re-resolved this report as Fixed. If anybody has evidence that it's still occurring, please comment below.

      All the usual hostile and neutral mobs, including endermen, spiders, zombies, zombie villagers, skeletons, creepers, and witches, will spawn on leaves and glass blocks. Additional blocks I tested include crafting table and fletching table, but there are reports that any non-full block will work.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Build a platform of leaves or glass blocks a few blocks above the local maximum elevation.
      2. Move to a point about 45 blocks above the platform.
      3. Enable mob spawning and set the time to midnight.

      Mobs spawn on the leaves or glass blocks.

      Original description:
      endermen spawn keep spawning on leaves

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