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When using Minecon 2016 skin pack capes, the cape itself isn't visible in-game and in the preview


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      • The latest bedrock beta build introduced capes in the custom skin editor;
      • However, in the process, it broke all capes present in the Minecon 2016 skin pack;
      • When attempting to set a skin with one of those capes from the skin pack, the cape in the preview and in-game is not visible at all.

      Steps to reproduce bug:

      1. Launch Minecraft Bedrock v1.14.0.3 Beta on a Windows 10 machine;
      2. Open the skin editor on the bottom right;
      3. Create or modify an existent skin in the skin selection menu;
      4. In the skin pack menu of the skin editor, choose one of the Minecon 2016 skin pack's skin. Ensure that the skin is supposed to have a cape attached to it;
      5. Notice the issue in both the preview and in-game.

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