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Bee doesn't die after losing its stinger


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      Update by LateLag
      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Place a bee nest / beehive, a flower and spawn a bee near them;
      2. In survival mode, punch the bee and wait for it to sting you;
      3. Go back to creative mode and wait for it to enter the nest;
      4. Burn the nest and observe the bee for some time.

      Observed Results:
      The Bee leaves the nest and never dies naturally;

      Expected Results:
      The Bee dies after some time without its stinger.

      Screenshots/Videos attached: No


      Original Description:

      As cute and as harmless bees are. As much as i dont want them to die, there's an issue i need to report. IF you get stung by a bee currently the stinger is not on the bee anymore what indicates its stung someone and is going to die, however when the bee stings you it doesn't actually die. This is most likely a bug. Now this happened with a whole group of bees and none died when they all stung me. Hopefully you guys can fix this issue.

      Kind regards,


            MinecraftBedrock101 Kyle McEwan
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