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Xbox One X Crash - shutting down console completely


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      Please limit comments to new information that will help diagnose the problem. In particular, it might help if there is some consistent activity that results in the console crash.

      Comments that don't follow the Bug Tracker Guidelines are subject to deletion.

      Some users report that the following stopped their console from recurring shut downs:

      • Reset the console operating system. (See comment for steps, and be careful to fully back up your data.)
      • Reduce resolution from 4k to 1080p. (reported here and in MCPE-159857)
      • Load affected worlds on a difference device, play for a while, then load them back on the X Box One X. (reported here)

      Been playing for 2 weeks and today my game froze and shut down my whole xbox one x. Tried hard reset and uninstall/reinstall and still crashes whole console.  Contacted Microsoft and they told me if other games open to contact mojang support. Here I am. 

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