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Hero Of The Village Effect Only Works In One Village


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      Whenever you defeat a raid in a village, and receive the hero of the village effect, that effect only works in the village you defeated the raid in. You cannot leave the village to trade with other villagers, or use the effect anywhere else in the world.

      Expected result:
      1. Hero of the village would act as a normal effect and be applied to the player no matter where they are in the world, after they have successfully beaten a raid.
      2. The hero effect would allow you to trade for less to any villager in the minecraft world, no matter what village they are a part of.
      3. This behavior would match java mechanics.

      Actual game play:
      1. The hero effect only sticks around in the exact village you beat the raid in, and only gives you discounts with villagers in that village.
      2. 12 seconds after leaving the village, the hero effect goes away until you return.
      3. This behavior does not match java mechanics.

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