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"Failed to Sync User Data" Report (Oct.4 2019)


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      Hello Everyone! I have an issue, and was hoping for some advice. (I'm playing on Bedrock, Xbox) The problem is, when entering Minecraft and selecting a specific set of worlds, (They are all copies of one-another for backups) the game will be unable to 'sync user data', I assume from the cloud. Here's the things I've done that haven't worked: Reset Xbox, Hard Reset Xbox, Factory Reset Xbox, Clear local save data, contact Microsoft support, delete unwanted worlds, reinstall Minecraft, try playing on a different xbox. One thing I do notice is that I'm able to create new worlds, and access worlds with small amounts of MBs. The worlds over 100 Mbs are unaccessable. If someone could help, I'd really appreciate it!

            Shrimp0Gawd Yazan Alnuweiri
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