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Sleeping from Nether Portal Teleports Player Great Distances



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      Sleeping in a bed while standing in a Nether portal can move the player thousands of blocks when returning to the over world, depending on how far the player is from spawn.

      1. Set "Show Coordinates" to on.
      2. Build a Nether portal more than 256 blocks from origin (0, ~, 0) in the over world, with the base obsidian at ground level. 
      3. Place a bed along side the portal so that it is next to the portal blocks, within reach of the player.
      4. Enter the portal to make sure a new portal is created in the Nether.
      5. Return to the over world.
      6. Be sure you are in Survival mode.
      7. Wait until it is night.
      8. Enter the portal and click the bed.
        • When the player wakes up they will find they are in a new portal at the same coordinates as their new over world spawn point, except in the Nether.
      9. Leave the portal for a few seconds for portal cool down.
      10. Return through the portal to the over world.

      Expected: Player should leave the portal and sleep.

      Actual: The portal sequence continues while the sleep sequence also plays. Then the player is placed at the newly set spawn point, except in the Nether, in a newly created Nether portal frame. Returning through this new nether portal will take the player 8 times the distance from their spawn point in the over world.




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