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      There appears to be an issue with the Elytra sounds on Windows 10 Bedrock. Since I noticed the issue I have rebuilt my PC (Windows reinstall) but have also built a new PC and the issue persists on both.

      I use a pair of Sennheiser (non-gaming) headphones plugged into the standard 3.5mm port, all drivers are correct and all other sounds seem to work correctly (minus walking, more on that later).

      I can't really find the right way to describe it so have attached a video. I guess you could call it choppy? I play Java and its definitely not normal.

      I searched all open sound bugs I could find but there's so many and they all look like issues with sound dissapearing completely so if I missed one I apologise.


      Removed because a mod mentioned this makes the bug report confusing.

      Also worth mentioning is the fact that footsteps are FAR too loud and drown out almost everything else. This seems to be normal though as it would appear the Minecon 1.16 previews were bedrock codebase as they all had crazy loud footsteps. I would absolutely consider it a bug though as its stopping me from switching from Java and playing with friends (yes sound bugs completely ruin the immersion for me).

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