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Boot up game to find myself at respawn point with no items in my inventory. I find items where I last was, i pick them up, closed the game and the items I had just picked up are now gone from my inventory. I didn't die



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      I boot up minecraft to find my inventory and hotbar empty. This isn't a world corruption because all the things are still in my chests. I go to the location where I last remember being. I find my items there but they are just lying in a neat pile, so it wasn't as if I had died because normally the items are spread everywhere when you die, but all my items were like I said, in a neat pile. I then pick them up, and I get a text so I turn off minecraft, I boot up minecraft again and I had a few items in my inventory (stuff I used to go locate my previously lost items), but all the items I had lost before were again gone from my inventory and this time nowhere to be found. Before I thought I had set my phone down without logging out of my minecraft and had died, but this appears to be some sort of bug given that the items were not scattered and that the items disappeared from my inventory after I had retrieved them. I hope this issue is resolved sooner than later because a glitch like this makes the game unplayable and I'm going to wait for the mojang team to resolve it till I resume play.




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