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Zombie Villagers do not target villagers through blocks



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      Steps to Reproduce: 

      1. Construct a hollow 4 by 4 by 4 cube of opaque (non-see-through) blocks (You can use solid glass blocks on the sides where it does not count as a ceiling or a floor)
      2. On the side of the cube, create a space between the ceiling and the floor such that a door may be placed, and thus the structure constitutes as a valid villager house.
      3. Inside the home, place a bed, a workstation (I chose a lectern), and a light source such that the villager can enter the house, use the workstation, and sleep.
      4. Set the time to night, such that mobs can spawn and the villager can sleep. If the villager does not sleep within the designated structure, make sure there are no nearby beds within nearby valid homes and try again. 
      5. Summon a zombie villager within 7* blocks of the house structure at all cardinal directions. Observe behavior.
      6. Summon a regular zombie within 7* blocks of the house structure at all cardinal directions. Observe behavior.
      7. (Optional) Summon a zombie villager and a villager 7 blocks apart with nothing obstructing their view. Observe behavior.
      8. (Optional) Summon a zombie villager, a zombie, and villager with a wall that's constructed 2 blocks high and 10 blocks wide between the villager and the zombies. Observe behavior. 

      *: The agro range of the zombies is larger than 7 blocks, but for test integrity chooses a value below that to avoid edge cases. 

      Observed Results:

      Zombie villagers at no point attempt to path-find to a villager within a home or obscured from its view. Regular zombies are able to path-find to the housed and sleeping villager regardless of their starting position. Zombie villagers will attempt path-find to a villager so long as it maintains a direct line of sight to its head.

      Expected Results:

      Zombie villagers should have the exact same path-finding behavior as zombies, targeting villagers through walls and correctly pathfinding to, and destroying any wooden doors that stand in their way. 


      Noticed there was an issue with zombie villager path-finding this update. A villager sleeping in a valid house will cause normal zombies to behave as anticipated and attempt to break down the wooden door in the house. 

      Zombie villagers however need a direct line of sight to a villager in order to begin path-finding, which is an apparent downgrade from the default zombies path-finding. Below contains my tests and results. 

      -A villager sleeping within a valid home;

      -A zombie spawned immediately attempts to path find to this villager;

      -However a zombie villager does not show the same level of interest;

      -Lets try again with a more simplistic home, and one the zombie could easily reach;

      -We spawn the zombie villager to seek out the villager;

      -But his default cousin seems far more interested in the villager;

      -However, only when there's a direct line of sight with the villager does the zombie villager become interested;

      Thus concludes the bug.
      I investigated to see if this behavior existed on the Java version and while the code reflected in the initial releases of version 1.14.0 seemed to indicate identical behavior, it would appear that it was somewhat addressed in version 1.14.4. However, both zombies and zombie villagers make 0 attempts to break doors within that version. That itself will qualify as a different ticket. 


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