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Jukebox volume dependent on being within player's FOV



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    • Affects Version/s: 1.12.0
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      Windows 10 - PC


      Additional information by [MCPE Mod] Auldrick:

      An error in an update to Windows 1903 causes this and several other issues:

      • No sound on some systems
      • Incorrect surround sound behavior
      • Sound that changes incorrectly as you change your line of sight

      You can read more about it in the Known Issues part of this page. Microsoft expects to have a fix for the issue in "late September". It should automatically be applied by Windows Update.

      As a workaround, try turning off Spatial Sound in the right-click menu of the Volume Control taskbar icon.

      The Jukebox volume is dependent on whether or not it is within the player's line-of-sight, not the player's proximity to the Jukebox. I put a record in the Jukebox and the volume works perfectly fine if I am looking in its direction even if I am dozens of blocks away, however looking in any other direction causes the volume to decrease/mute even if I am standing right next to it.


      Expected Behavior: The Jukebox should be audible as long as the player is near to it, with with the volume decreasing as the player moves away from it. The music should sound like it is coming from the direction of the Jukebox relative to the player


      Actual Behavior: The Jukebox can only be heard while looking directly at it, or at an angle that puts it just outside the FOV. Looking in any other direction causes the volume to decrease/mute.


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Place a Jukebox and put a record into it (I tested it with strad, 11, and Cat). Stand on the block directly next to the Jukebox.
      2. Look directly at the Jukebox. Volume will be at maximum.
      3. Face the Jukebox and turn 90 degrees right or left. Volume will decrease.
      4. Face the Jukebox and look directly up or 180 degrees behind you. Volume will completely mute.
      5. Face the Jukebox and walk backwards away from it. Volume will gradually decrease and eventually mute 60-70 blocks away, but remains audible even if obstructed by other blocks.
      6. Face the Jukebox, turn around and walk away from it with your back to the Jukebox. Volume will be muted. While walking away, periodically pause and turn around, and the Jukebox will become audible.


      Sorry if this is a duplicate, but I couldn't find any of this same bug in the sea of "jUkEboX noT woRkIng!1!!" reports with no other details. I would upload a video but there's a 10mb size limit on file uploads.


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