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Slimes not spawning in slime chunks or swamps



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    • Beta, 1.16.100
    • Beta, 1.13.1, 1.14.1 Hotfix, Beta, 1.12.0, 1.14.0, 1.14.60 Hotfix
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      If you are still experiencing this issue in version 1.16 or later, please comment below and indicate if the problem is with slime spawning in a swamp or in a slime chunk, and give the coordinates and world seed.

      When in a swamp or a slime chunk, I observe a slime and create a simple farm with appropriate lighting, Y-coordinate, and conditions according to the Minecraft.Wiki website. I have built these farms (iron golem + cactus) before, prior to this update without problems. However, slimes cease spawning in either the chunk or the swamp after I start digging out the area. In the case of the swamp, I have several AFK spots to just observe what happens in the swamp - no farms or lighting. Slimes do not spawn. I have observed from varying Y-coordinates as well but there does not seem to be any distance from the player at which a slimes will spawn.  

      My husband and I both experience this issue on our separate platforms and devices. We play on Realms but this issue persists if I create a Realm download (both on normal and hard difficulties). My husband plays on Windows 10 PC, Minecraft v. 1.14.4 and I play on iPad, Minecraft v. 1.12.0. 

      We have tested and observed this issue for one week and we play for about 4-5 hours every day after work...In my case, this amounts to at least 20 hours of testing and observing various environments, Y-coordinates, farms and lack of farms, locations, etc. I should stress that this issue persists even when there is no golem or lighting and the only factor I can control which would affect slime generation is the distance between myself and the slimes.


      *This may be a duplicate of MCPE-48950 which contains two bugs in one ticket.




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