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Not Receiving World Invites From Friends



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      Recently I recieved a new Android phone. I've installed Minecraft login to my Xbox live account with no issue. It wasn't until recently when friends of mine have tried inviting me to their world. I waited in the game menu and nothing appeared. I asked them again and smae results as before. I thought it was a connection problem or something so I simply ignored it. The following day another friend asked if I was interested in joining their world. I tought by now the issue would resolve itself and I would be able to receive the invite. Nothing...

      I was confused by this point and asked many friends especially those who are on android if they too have been having issues. I got some responses but they had no issues. I began to think that it was my device or an application. I delete applications i suspect of causing the issue, nothing changed. I login into 2 other android devices (One same as my current one, and another), and shocked to see no results. I had a discuss with some friends who shared possible reasons but I think the issue has to do with xbox or Minecraft. I'm still looking for a possible reason but i thought to share what's happening here in search of answers.


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