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All mobs invisible, world crashes upon reentry infinitely.



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.12.0
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      Xbox One


      After loading into my survival world I realized as I was exploring an end city that I couldn’t see any shulkers. They still shot at me and I could see and hear the projectiles, and occasionally I saw their shadows but I couldn’t see them. I continued to attempt to progress throughout the City killing shulkers based on where the bullets came from and eventually I realized I couldn’t see endermen either. Then when I was bridging towards a Ship my game freezed and then crashed. I reloaded several times and each time it brought me to a screen where I could see two chests and an elytra but not the ship itself, and then it crashed again. I can no longer access the world. I have tried copying the world and it doesn’t work. My friends and I have been working on this world for around 6 months, it’s a big deal to us if we can’t ever access it again. I can’t screenshot the screen it sends me to before the xbox freezes so no visual will be provided.




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