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[Crash] Minecraft Beta keeps stopping on Android


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      Update on this issue:

      Crashes like this are logged automatically, and will be fixed in due course. However, if you are able to add repro steps and detailed information about this crash, we may be able to pin it down more quickly as it seems to be affecting players generally.

      For anyone still experiencing this issue, can you please provide the following information in the comments below:

      • Affected Version(s)
      • Device Details
      • Screenshot of the loading screen to show us where the crash is happening (or video)

      Adding this information will help us greatly to diagnose the issue and get it fixed as soon as possible.

      Since the last update (27th June), the game has become unplayable. Sometimes it wont even open before displaying the message "Minecraft keeps stopping". Uninstalling the beta version for the "normal" version fixes this issue, but i don't want to leave the beta version. Is anyone else having this issue?

      P.S. The normal version of this game is playable BUT my beta map is won't open⛔ ☹️

      11th July update: Updated to Beta and game still won't open 

      2nd August update: Updated to Beta and the game won't open. Over a month since this problem and still no fix?! What's going on?!? ☹️ Update: The game SEEMS to be working fine both on my S10 and S7 

      12th August update: and game will still not open

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