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Waterlogged full blocks in shipwrecks



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    • Affects Version/s: 1.11.4
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      Windows 10 - PC


      What i found: I was playing on a server trying to clear out the water that was in a shipwreck when i saw water coming from what are classified as full blocks. (stripped wood and wood planks) (not Stairs, slabs, trapdoors and Fences which i know can be waterlogged)

      What i expected to happen: i expected the Wood planks or stripped wood logs to not hold water even in shipwrecks because those two are classified as full blocks.

      What happened: i found that both Wood planks and Stripped wood held water in a shipwreck that was naturally generated. as i was clearing out the water i saw water pour forth from a stripped wood log from the mast of the ship that i was working on. i went on and found that the same thing was happening with all of the wood plank types on that same shipwreck.

      steps to reproduce:

      1 find a shipwreck that is barely in the water in either survival or creative.

      2 try to clear out the water from one of the masts by first surrounding the mast in sand as shown in one of the screenshots.

      3 remove one block of sand that is right next to the mast. you will see water coming out of the stripped log.

      4 craft up a empty bucket or grab one from the creative menu if you are in creative.

      5 click on the stripped log that the water is coming from. you will wind up with a bucket of water.

      note: i made a video explaining the bug that will be on Youtube and i will link it here for reference.

      YouTube link https://youtu.be/74NYyt09EJI





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