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Villager Trade Disparity against JAVA - XP & Levelling Issues


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      Issues as per my video here: https://youtu.be/zgTqfpuWXaQ

       There are several issues present in this report as follows:

      1. Trading is overall more Expensive

      Compared to the JAVA edition of the game, many items across many of the professions are either more expensive to purchase or you get less in return. 
      Take the librarian for instance:

      • On JAVA 6 Emeralds gives you 3 bookcases per trade
      • On Bedrock 6 Emeralds gives you only 1 bookcase per trade
        There are other examples of this disparity across the various professions.

      2. Trades lock up much more quickly

      On JAVA edition the same villager profession will offer between 6 and 8 trades before requiring a restock and more than 1 enchanted book.

      On Bedrock edition trades are capped at 2 and 4 and just 1 enchanted book before restocking.

      Again the JAVA Librarian will offer 18 bookcases (3 x 6 trades) before locking up where as on Bedrock librarian will offer 4 (1 x 4 trades)

      This wouldn't be so bad if the Bedrock edition villagers restocked more than once per day. 

      It seems Bedrock edition villagers have a chance to restock twice a day, if they're allowed to roam free in a village, but when held in a trading hall style system, they will only restock when they first wake up in the morning


      3. Levels / Experience increases much more slowly

      On JAVA it is possible to level up a librarian to Master in just one 1 without him needing to restock costing just:

      • 144 paper
      • 11 emeralds
      • 1 book and quill

      In comparison, the Bedrock villager requires:

      • 3 in game days for restocking
      • 144 paper
      • 140 emeralds
      • 38 ink sacs
      • 33 books
      • 1 book and quill

      Other professions take even longer and require you to buy even more unwanted items in order to level up.

      If just using paper, emeralds and books, the Bedrock villager takes:

      • 12 in game days
      • 2,268 paper
      • 616 Emeralds
      • 138 books

      Compared to JAVA which requires just:

      • 3 in game days
      • 600 paper
      • 146 Emeralds
      • 28 Books


      Overall it is just crazy how much more time and resources are required to level up a villager in the Bedrock edition of the game. There are massive differences in costs over the two platforms as well as the number of available trades per day and the general trade mechanics.

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