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TNT launcher does not launch players and mobs in Survival


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    • Beta, 1.16.210
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      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Build this setup
      2. Fill the dispensers with TNT
      3. Stand in the center of the water or spawn a mob in the center
      4. Switch to Survival mode if you are standing in the water
      5. Activate the dispensers and wait for the TNT to explode

      Observed Results:
      The player/mob is not launched high into the air.

      Expected Results:
      The player/mob should be launched high into the air.

      Original Description;

      I was playing on a friend's realm on creative, and i build a tnt player launcher, i tested it (i was still in creative) and it worked, it launched me very high, it was succesful; but when i tried it in survival it didnt launched me, i tested it plenty of times because i taught it was like a 50/50 chance, but no, it didnt worked.

      The tnt launcher was the common design with dispensers around a 3 by 3 square full of water and a button to activate the 12 dispensers, and of course i was on the middle of the water square...

      The problem is that is not working on survival.
      I test the same tnt launcher on a local world, a world of my own, and it didnt work either.
      So is not the realm.

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