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Teleportation through non-full blocks


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      Exiting the world while standing in front of a non-full block, facing either east or south, will result in the player reloading on the opposite side of the non-full block.

      Blocks Affected:

      • Fences
      • Fence Gates
      • Walls
      • Glass Panes
      • Iron Bars

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Face either east or south
      2. Place any of the affected blocks in the direction you're facing
      3. Walk up against the block and exit the world

      Observed Result:

      The player reloads on the opposite side of the non-full block.

      Expected Result:

      The player would reload in the spot they originally exited from.


      Original Description:

      Summary: If you save & exit near a "non-full" block, you can teleport through it

      Blocks Affected: All Fences, Walls, Fence Gates, and Glass Panes.

      How to Recreate: Go on a world, pick out a block from above, and while facing in the east, or when the z coordinate goes up. Go next to the block, facing in the east, and save & exit your game. Load up your world again and you will be teleported across the non-full block.

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