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Mobs Fail To Pathfind Through/Past multiple blocks


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      Update from GoldenHelmet:
      The original description below only refers to mobs getting stuck on bamboo. That was fixed in beta, apparently by designating bamboo as non-pathable within the pathfinding AI so that mobs will not try to walk into it. However, similar reports for many other blocks such as fences, doors, and cocoa pods, have been resolved as duplicates of this one, so this report is being left open for further work on the issue.

      Mobs that try and pathfind past bamboo, just run into it and keep trying to get to their destination. They will keep on trying to walk towards where they want to go, until something happens to them, or the bamboo is broken.

      How to reproduce:
      1. Make a circle of grown up bamboo, with a small clearing in the middle.
      2. spawn a mob (like a pig or sheep) in the center of your bamboo circle
      3. The mob should try and walk out shortly, in which case it will run into the bamboo, and keep trying to go forward.
      4. If you break the bamboo its caught on, you will see it continue walking to the spot it was trying to get to.

      Expected result:
      The mob should try and pathfind around the bamboo, or not pathfind at all. Instead its using up computer resources trying to do something impossible.

      You can see video footage of this bug in action, along with how to reproduce here:

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