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Villager Trade does not give item unless stackable & you have at least 1



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      Xbox One


      This happens with all villages, I have 4 towns I try to trade with.  If I go to buy or sell, unless I have the item in inventory, and the item MUST be stackable, I will not receive anything.  i.e. if I want to sell anything to any villager, I must have at least 1 emerald in inventory otherwise I get nothing.  If I have a stack of 64 emeralds, I will not get a new stack, I just lose my items I am selling and get nothing for it.


      If I go to purchase something from a villager, if the item is not stackable (like scrolls/books) then I get nothing but I lose the emeralds.  I do gain XP on both buying and selling, but unless I have at least 1 item, I will not get anything.


      If I go to sell eggs to a farmer, and I have at least 1 emerald, I will get more emeralds.  If I go to buy something from the farmer, unless I have 1 item that is stackable and not at the max stack limit of 64, I will receive the item./  Anything not stackable will never be given, I get the XP, but lose the payment.

      I have tried this is several XBOX's, a ONE and an X model.  I have reinstalled the BETA several times to no avail.  I have logged in with a 2nd account and the same thing happens.







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