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Tipped arrows not functioning as intended



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.11.3
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      1) Tipped arrows of healing should deal the damage of a regular arrow (9-10) subtracted by the amount of health gained by the target (assuming the target is not an undead mob and has no damage reduction), which is 4 for Instant Health and 8 for Instant Health II, dealing a total damage of 4-5/1-2. However, if the target is at full health, it deals the damage of a regular arrow; if the target is not at full health, no damage is dealt (the target does not turn red) and the target is healed by 4/8 damage per tick (for the duration the arrow spends inside the target's hitbox. Furthermore, if the target is already healed to maximum health by the arrow, the arrow does not deal any damage throughout the time it spends in the target's hitbox.
      2) Tipped arrows of harming, when fired from a crossbow enchanted with Multishot, should only deal the damage of one arrow (9-10) and the damage of 3 harming potions (3x6/3x12), totalling 27-28 (with Instant Damage arrows) or 45-46 (with Instant Damage II arrows), when all 3 arrows land on a target (assuming the target has sufficient health eg. Iron Golem) . However, the damage of the other 2 arrows are also applied to the target, and get absorbed by the target too, instead of just piercing through.




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