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Constant crashes in Switch Creative file.



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.11.1
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      Nintendo Switch


      Hi! I have a Creative file that means the world to me on my Nintendo Switch, but it's been through a buggy history. The infamous 1.9.0 End Gateway glitch locked me out of accessing it for nearly three months, and when I heard I was gonna be able to access it again when 1.11.0 came out, I was overjoyed. However, playing in the Creative file is now plagued with constant crashing, and I can't seem to understand why. Here is all of the info I have gathered, because I'm determined to have this fixed somehow: 


      -The crashes do not come from any specific area within the world. They can occur wherever I am. They can even occur when I just boot up the file and stay idle. 

      -Attempting to "Save and Quit" brings up the Switch's "the software was closed because an error occurred" message. This, along with the fact that it seems to have issues autosaving, leads me to believe that the crashes are originating from the game trying to save when I'm in this file. 

      -I have an emergency backup of this world, and it doesn't crash at all. It's from November, and I got the main file stuck in the End Gateway in February. Since the crashing only occurs in this main file, I believe having been stuck in the End Gateway for so long permanently screwed it up. 


      -When my friends try to join the main file (locally, using other controllers), it gives them the notification that they have to pay for Nintendo Switch online, even though it doesn't do that for any of our other files (as I have been subscribed to the Switch Online for a while now). The notification for this appears on the split part of the screen where they would have played from. 


      -We ported this main file to my friend's phone, and it still crashes there. So it's the file itself that has issues, and not the Switch. 

      It took a while to gather all of this info, but I figure it will help quite a bit with fixing it. Please, I know the bug-tracking team is busy, but these crashes are making a file that I have spent nearly a year on unplayable. I've waited three months now to have it back to a functional state, and I won't accept losing it. 


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