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Some players unable to eat past 8.5 drumsticks in survival world



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.11.2
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      Xbox One


      My player in the game (also owner of the world being played) is unable to eat past 8.5 drumsticks for some reason, and so cannot regain health. E.g. pressing the LT button when holding bread does nothing for this player once 8.5 drumsticks are filled.

      Other players playing on the same world (kids who have played on this world with me since we created it) seem to be unaffected. They can can do the same steps and completely fill their drumsticks, and so recover health.

      See screenshot that shows affected player at the top, unaffected player at the bottom.

      Expected: to be able to eat to 10 drumsticks and so regain health without having to reconvert world. (This world was converted long ago, and we would lose progress if we had to reconvert. But I did try reconverting the world as a workaround, and it appears after reconversion my player is able to eat. Did not try multi-player.)

      Additional context: This survival world is quite old, as old as first week of the original Xbox One Minecraft as I recall. We converted the world (by opening it from "Old Worlds") to the new format long ago, certainly by 2018, and as I recall we played this world in 2018 after conversion without seeing any issues w/ hunger bar. Our play session on 5/4/2019 was the first time I can say we noticed it.

      I see other much older bugs (MCPE-25353) about a similar symptom that were marked resolved early 2018, but I think this may be a new flavor of that issue, not a duplicate of it, since I'm pretty sure we were not having this problem until recently. I think we'd have noticed in later 2018.




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