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Limited Unicode characters on Signs


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    • Phone - iOS - iPhone 4

      When an user type a Unicode text in a sign, the length is limited using byte count, not real character count.

      That means that if each Unicode character uses 3 bytes (like Korean or Japanese) it will show only 5 characters (15 / 3).

      This has been tested in both vanilla MCPE multiplayer servers and PocketMine-MP servers. The packet sent (SignUpdatePacket 0xb6) is correct and contains the correct text. The packet dump is shown here: https://gist.github.com/shoghicp/ecf83b6e92a8a9147805

      So, the client only gets the first 15 bytes, instead of the first 15 characters.

      Local worlds are not affected by this issue.

            shoghicp [Mojang] Shoghi Cervantes
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