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Ghast holding onto its fire charge till the player re-enters it’s vicinity.


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      Steps to Reproduce
      1. In survival mode, approach a ghast until it targets you and it's eyes and mouth turn red.
      2. Quickly back out of range of the ghast, or switch to creative mode.
      3. Move back in range or switch back to survival mode.

      Expected Result
      The ghast's face returns to normal after step (2), and after step (3) it turns red and makes its warning/charging sound again before shooting at you.

      Observerd Result
      The ghast's eyes and mouth remain red after step (2), and after step (3) it shoots at you instantly without any sound.

      Original description
      Whenever a ghast prepares spit a fireball at me, it continues holding its charge like a charged crossbow the moment I immediately back out of its vicinity. Once I return within its firing range and it looks at me, it silently releases its fireball at me. As you saw from the evidence, the fireball knocked me back quite a bit because it exploded on impact at my feet. On that note, what I’m really worried about is the fact that it can do it silently, which means that sneak-building or mining on a tiny ledge in a very high area with possibly a sea of lava at the bottom with a recently encountered ghast or two below you....is most likely going to translate into a death sentence.

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