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very few mobs spawning on hard difficulty.



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      Very few mobs are spawning on the surface or in the dark despite being on hard mode and having a room dedicated to spawning mobs. I've been led to believe from various sources that this is due to mobs spawning underground in caves I haven't found yet, filling the mob cap for the chunks and not allowing mobs to spawn on the surface, or in a dark room. This is especially troublesome because I've read various claims that the mobs don't seem to despawn, (depending on the circumstances), which don't allow specialty mobs to spawn at the right time; an example being slimes in the swamp or mooshrooms on mooshroom island. Effectively, this forces the player to find all the caves in a given area and light them up till mobs start to have no choice but to spawn on the surface again. This is especially frustrating because there's no way to know where every cave is; effectively making it an easter egg hunt; which isn't fun and lowers my interest in playing. Please fix this spawning issue because you've literally deleted the legacy console edition off the marketplace and given me no choice but to try and enjoy this version. Update: After the 1.11.0 update I'm still seeing a lack of slime spawn in the swamp, (despite being the correct light level and moon phase). In fact I haven't seen any new slime spawn in the swamp, both dark room and the normal swamp. I lit up some mines to allow some mobs to spawn on the surface, however, even in raids, it seems the illagers, witches, etc are spawning underground as well. I'll provide any information or evidence required to fix this.


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