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Nasty glitch may allow users to make other people accounts unplayable


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    • Phone - iOS - iPhone 4

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      Glitch that probably allows to make other people realms accounts unplayable / blocked?

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      Found by accident

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      Every time you try to log in with infected account, your device crashes. (Reinstalling app, trying different device = not working [same device clean account = no crashing/any kind of problems])

      Steps to Reproduce:

      I'm not sure if I wan't to share 'how to' publicly, since you can use it against other people (anyway I could share info not so publicly? :S )

      P.S. Have you guys had any kind of crashing when logging in (in past 7 days)
      If you haven't tested logging in with your accounts could you try it now?
      [Your accounts may have been taken down too]

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