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The End. And other achievements not unlocking/acting strange.



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.10.0
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      Xbox One


      A myriad of achievements on Xboc One are very buggy. Most notably, the fact that all achievements I have unlocked take a solid 45 seconds to unlock. Sometimes even longer. Other achievements are basically bugged completely and locked. I have never used cheats on my world, and didn't even start with the starter chest. The most recent one that got me to the point of reporting a bug, is The End. achievement. I found a fortress, competed the end frame, and battled and defeated the dragon. I was also able to bottle up some dragons breath while there hoping for that achievement. I sat all the way through the credits, and none of the 3 achievements I was waiting for ever happened. I saw that sometimes xbox live takes a while for things to sync up so I stopped playing for a couple days. Came back today, and nothing had changed. On a bit of a silly thought, I dropped the dragons breath in my hotbar onto the floor and picked it back up.  About a minute later that achievement popped. So I ran back to my fortress and dropped into my end portal. A while later The End? achievement popped. I still can't get the achievement for defeating the dragon though. I've sat through the credits 3 times now, and picked up my dragon egg a dozen times just kinda hoping. Other achievements that seem to be bugged in this manner include, but are not limited to, are: Renewable Energy, and Super Fuel. I might add it took about 5 different sessions to unlock Archer, even though I had killed countless creepers with arrows. Tie Dye Outfit also unlocked after only dyeing one piece of armor. That's about all I got. 


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