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/execute disregards dimension of target entity


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      The execute command disregards the dimension of the target, and only pays attention to the target's coordinates.

      Example: The command

      /execute Alice ~ ~ ~ tp Bob ~ ~ ~

      should be equivalent to

      /tp Bob Alice

      If the players are in the same dimension, this works, but if they're in different dimensions (Alice is in the overworld, and Bob is in the Nether), then Bob will be teleported to Alice's x/y/z coordinates in his own dimension instead of Alice's.

      This is an issue for me because I wanted to make a command block that teleports someone to a location in the nether or in the end. I wanted to do this by placing a named armor stand inside of a tickingarea in each of the worlds, and then I would be able to have a command block run a command like this to teleport a player to any location in another world:

      /execute @e[type=armor_stand,name=Nether_tag] 0 0 0 tp @p 1234 60 2345

      However, this currently just causes the player to be teleported to those coordinates within their own world.

      Other possible solutions that don't work well or don't work:

      Currently, I can teleport the player directly to an entity in another world:

      /tp @p @e[type=armor_stand,name=Nether_tag]

      This works, but it teleports them directly on top of the armor stand (I don't want them to be able to destroy it and break the command from working again, or see the armor stand and name and realize how it works and risk them making their own same-named armor stand), and it only works if the armor stand is in a loaded chunk, or a ticking area, which there can only be so many of. If I have many places I might want to teleport players to, then they'd have to all be ticking areas.

      The Java edition supports a lot of variations of the command, including this one:

      /execute in the_end run tp @p 1234 60 2345

      If that were ported over to work in the Bedrock edition too, then that would be extremely useful. (The original bug up above would also be nice to see fixed too regardless.) This would mean I wouldn't have to mess about with ticking areas at all, and there'd be no risk of a player breaking things by making an armor stand named the same thing as what my command looks for.

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