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While Joining someones game and mining a block it frozes on Minecraft 10 PC



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.10.0
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      Windows 10 - PC


      Hello Everyone!

      Okay I'm always having a issue on Minecraft Windows 10 Edition on PC and the issue keeps on accuring while I'm mining a block. I really just don't why?

      Whenever I join someones world a few minutes later or seconds later when I am mining a block or breaking a block, It just crashes (sometimes it doesn't happen in survival) but doesn't exit itself out of the game. I always have to press the Windows key on my keyboard and then I try getting my cursor exiting. I always hate doing that when it crashes >:{ . But when it crashes (in middle of mining a block) it cuts out the mining sound for a split second then moves a little then crashes and looks like a still picture that is frozen. But I hear a player on grass walking and also a player walking on stone sometimes 0 player does sometimes one player does and also sometimes this glitch can sometimes exit itself out of the game.

      This has happen on a alone world on old and when getting some wood trying to make a house it crashed and then I lost my house and I saw that house gone. I extremely hated that when it happen to me.

      Can someone fix Minecraft? I'm really getting annoyed of the crash. Or you can tell me why is it happening and how to prevent the crash. I would appreciate for you to fix Minecraft (This is if you know how to prevent bugs and you are a creator like Notch.)





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