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End Gateway Portal Doesn't Teleport Player to Intended Destination


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      Verification builds: Beta | Windows 10: Yes

      Sometimes using an End Gateway portal doesn't teleport the player to an intended destination. Instead, the player is teleported twice in very quick succession, back to the original gateway.

      This can be reproduced when using this test world provided in this comment.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Load the test world mentioned above
      2. Walk down and grab some Ender Pearls from the chest
      3. Make a note of the player position coordinates.
      4. Use one of the Ender Pearls to travel through the end gateway portal
      5. Notice the player's position again

      Observed Results:
      The ender pearl is used, the player is very briefly teleported to the main island, but is then teleported back above the orignal end gateway.

      Expected Results:
      The player should be successfully teleported to the main end island.

      Screenshots/Videos attached: Yes


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