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Villages spawn way too frequently.



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      So, as I explored in the beta, I've noticed that villages spawn way too often. I find them everywhere at this point to where finding one isn't a huge exciting suprise anymore. In the previous beta,, they spawned very far apart to where finding one took so long, and the villages of different biome types such as Taiga, Tundra, Desert, and Savannah spawned almost rarely which forces the player to travel over a thousand blocks to find one, while plains villages generated more often than other biome variations of villages, even if there was, for example, a MASSIVE Taiga biome, a village would decide to generate at the very edge of the plains where it and that taiga meet. So, when this issue is fixed, could the village biome generation variation stay how it is in, so that village types generate equally as common in each biome. BUT, could the generation of villages be less frequent so that they dont seem like they are everywhere, while making them spawn more than they did in, because in that build, they we're super rare. Could there be a balance between the spawn rates of ad, so they wont be super rare or super common? Thanks!




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